ColbyHaus' Deuces Wild with his new family.  Charles and Kerrie of Londonderry.
"Our whole family has also been touched by the little guy and he has many admirers who aren't blood related as well.  Kerrie and I truly feel privileged to have received such a beautiful example of the breed and also of great behavior.  We want thank you again for allowing us bring Deuce into our family he has been amazing!"

Our Dark Sable Girl, Jezebel has gone to her new home in Barrington with the Malcolms. 
Rifle has gone to his new home with the Whalens in Connecticut.
Mila has gone home with Eric to live in Salisbury.
Kira has gone home to the Dunklee family of Center Sandwich.
We dedicate this page to the wonderful people we have met who have opened their hearts and homes to our puppies!!
Duncan and his kids.
Romal enjoying his new back yard
May 2011 - Hey Linda, Tanya & I took jezabel to get a little spa treatment today & talked about letting you know we so love our dog, she is absolutely gorgeous & smart & loves us unconditionally-I tagged you in a few pics to let you see how your pup has grown, There is no better dog than Jezabel! Wow she is Intellegent! Almost 2 now-Thanks Again.

Kira growing up.  Very Happy in her home!!
One happy family, Heather, Eric and Pink!
Allen and Marise with their new addition, Trajan!
Bill and Lawry with new addition, Max!
Tavish is the new addition to the Naegeli family!
Nick and Ashley finally get their long awaited puppy, Colt!  Nick and Ashley patiently waited for over a year for their ColbyHaus puppy!
Marise and Trajan!